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The Demons (Cue Scary Music)

Jehovah’s Witnesses will tell you they do not believe in superstitions.  They will cheerfully walk under a ladder, break mirrors unconcernedly, and allow a Friday the 13th to pass without a mention.  However, try to hand them a Ouija board and they’ll scream and run away from you.  This is because they are terrified of The Demons.

JWs believe that demons originated back at the time before the great flood when angels decided they wanted in on all the sexual fringe benefits that the humans were enjoying.  They materialized bodies and started living it up with women, spawning a race of superhumans known as the Nephilim.  These shenanigans have a lot to do with why God decided to drown everyone in one fell swoop.

When the flood destroyed the angels’ materialized bodies they returned to the spirit world in heaven, but not to God’s presence, kind of like a bunch of 30-year-old guys living in their Mom’s basement.  Mom rolls her eyes but lets them stay.  In time, somewhere around 1919, Jesus started ruling in heaven and decided to remodel the “basement.”  He kicked out the freeloaders and confined them to the “vicinity of the earth.”  Ever since then they’ve been taking out their frustrations on God’s people, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and stirring up mischief generally.

JWs have it pounded into their heads that they are engaged in spiritual warfare with an actual army of wicked spirits.  Some JWs will be cautious to the point of superstition to avoid saying anything out loud that the demons could use against them.  Some will even try reverse psychology on these invisible bullies.  “I can take any form of torture except chocolate.  If someone forced me to eat chocolate I’d crack.”

Watchtower literature has published article after article, even whole brochures and books, about wicked spirits and their activities.  Many incidents of demon possession of people and objects have been reported (interestingly, most of these incidents seem to occur in third-world countries).  In addition, every JW has at least one urban legend story to tell about the demons.  Sometimes a dinner party will devolve into the equivalent of ghost stories around the campfire as everyone relates their story, each one more terrifying than the last.

They will be very cautious about bringing anything into their house that was given to them by a non-JW, knowing that if the giver had been involved in any sort of occult activity the gift could provide an invitation to the demons to enter their house.  Some JWs believe that there are rules of war involved, such as, if money exchanges hands then ownership of the object is transferred and it cannot provide a demon portal into the home.  Others don’t trust the demons to follow rules and will only buy new.

This sort of belief system causes many JWs to live in fear of demon attack, and to recognize demon attack in ordinary events.  Illnesses, misfortunes, accidents, arguments, financial troubles, bumps in the night – you name it – will be taken as evidence enough to look at all of their possessions with suspicion.  They may even go through a process of elimination to find the offending object.

The best way to eliminate demon activity from your home is to take the suspected article outside of the roofline of your house and leave it there for a day or two.  If the “demon activity” stops, then you have your culprit.  You should throw away the object or, even better, burn it.

As an example, my ex-husband’s family were very strong believers in the demons-are-out-to-get-us doctrine.  They were virtually paranoid about demon attack and suspected it frequently.  At one point in time they had filled an entire unused van that was parked in the yard with suspect possessions.

Even worse than that, on two different occasions my ex and I threw away nearly all of our furniture because we were experiencing some sort of trouble and presumed it was because we had inadvertently brought a demon portal into our home.

Worse than losing possessions is the exaggerated fear that JWs live with.   Children, especially, are affected by fear of the demons, which goes way beyond a fear of the dark.  Even as an adult, I found it terrifying to spend a night alone when my husband was away.  I would have all the lights on and TV playing while I lay in bed straining to hear any inexplicable noises.  This is not a healthy way to live.

However, they also know how to fend off a demon attack.  All they have to do is shout something along the lines of, “In the name of Jehovah I order you to leave!”  Or maybe just cry out, “Jehovah save me!”

Although the Watchtower Society isn’t into merchandising (other than printed materials) they could make a fortune selling some sort of amulet that would protect the wearer from demon attack.  Every JW would have to have one, plus another to hang from the rear-view-mirror, and another to clip onto the dog’s collar.  I’m sure they could come up with endless applications.

JWs also have it impressed upon them that if they leave the cult they will be unprotected from the demons and can expect to be the victims of unceasing hostility from these invisible thugs.

Laughably, the opposite is true.  Since walking away from the cult and slamming the door behind me I have had not even one uncanny encounter, not even a bump in the night.  I sleep soundly without a particle of fear.  I accept gifts and used items with impunity.  I have even purchased some items which no JW would dare to have in their house, such as a chakra bracelet and books about contacting the spirit world.  None of these actions has resulted in even a slightly eerie experience.

All that fear for nothing.



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  1. The extreme caution about second-hand goods on the grounds that a previous owner may have been involved in the occult, always struck as rather silly. Because, if there was any validity in that, what if some assistant at the local supermarket etc was involved in the occult?
    This is definitely a very harmful belief to foster.

  2. William Roberts

    I’ve been out 30 years or so and I still have nightmares of feeling something jump onto my bed. I also dream of trying to open a door and feeling something on the other side holding it shut. I will wake up trying to scream. Then, I laugh, but the feeling lingers and affects my day.

  3. Again, this sounds like something out of the middle ages. Now I’m impressed that any of the JWs have the courage to enter stranger’s homes at all!

  4. The one “demon attack/Satan is trying to get you” story that still leaves an indelible impression in my mind goes back to a 35 year old story presented at a district assembly. On stage, the district overseer paraded out a newly baptized family to share their tale of terror with the faithful throng overflowing the baseball stadium for the three day event. The patriarch of this family went on to tell in lurid detail of his experience of eliminating all items from his former life that could have been possessed by unclean spirits. One Saturday after going out in service all day, the group of faithful pioneers returned to this family’s home and helped them clear out all their worldly decorations from their past life of pagan celebrations. One such item was a plastic Santa Claus used as a lawn decoration for the Christmas season. As the pioneers, elders, family, and little children all gathered around to watch the cleansing bonfire used to destroy these demonic representations, the Santa Claus refused to be incinerated in the fire. In fact, this plastic lawn ornament actually walked right through the fire on its own accord and spoke in demonic tongue, warning that it could never be destroyed. Finally, after hours of invoking the name of Jehovah and fervent prayer, the lawn ornament finally burst into flames and melted. That story, told to thousands of us in attendance at the assembly, terrified the crap out of me and left me with nightmares for years to come.

  5. This is a great blog. I hope to one day post my own experience with the borg.

  6. Love your blog! Keep it up.

  7. I’ve been reading the blog to my mom (Aunt Mary Lou) and she is in disbelief that her own brother could think this way. She wants ti share your writing with Aunt Molly so they can understand Ben better. WOW!

  8. I’m so happy that family has reconnected with you, through this blog, and the internet! God bless your cousin Miriam and her family for their support, understanding and love. Just thrilled for you! It’s been way way too long to be without a loving family.

  9. Love your blog scottleblog!

    I laughed as I read this–I too can relate to the control the WT exerts through fear. Any kind of fear!

    You said: “JWs also have it impressed upon them that if they leave the cult they will be unprotected from the demons and can expect to be the victims of unceasing hostility from these invisible thugs.”

    You could also say: “JW’s have it impressed upon them that if they leave the cult they…can expect to be the victims of unceasing hostility from”; the faithful cultic horde they leave behind.

    I too was their captive–born and raised, for 35 years. I have been free for about 20 years now–and I only look back in sadness that my family is still trapped in the deception.

    Bravo on your blogsite! I look forward to reading all of your work. You deliver the sad truth about them with humor, and an interesting personal perspective, which I love! =)


  10. Hi Sally

    The demons eh? Harder to track down than an Arctic Lemming with agoraphobia. Odd how demon experiences always happened to someone from a congregation other than one’s own…

    Thanks for putting a sharply observed and comic spin on all those wasted cult years.

    All the best,

    FreeGuy (clean 20+ years)

    PS Were you one of the writers on ‘Malcom in the Middle’ by any chance? 😉

    • LOL! No, not a writer for Malcolm. Wasn’t that shown on a meeting night?

      • I was well out by the time of Malcom, so I was free to indulge. Here in the UK I always missed Thursday night’s TV Top of the Pops show – an open invitation to let the demons into your living room if ever there was. 🙂

  11. Hahaha, Good memories… (not) I remember when my Mom and Dad were fighting constantly (because of his alcoholism) and they both had decided that a scrimshaw ring he had purchased in another state had to be demonized. My Dad loved that ring, but they “had to” destroy it. Also most of my good 80’s rock was all demonized and my Dad was constantly destroying my cassettes. Dammit!

  12. My mother once thought we might have demons because one of the spoons in the silverware drawer was facing the other way. (In a house of four people who ate constantly, that was her first thought; not us fat cows plowing through yet another carton of self-medication, but demons.) How lazy was this demon that all he could do to mess with her head was flip a spoon?

  13. omg oopss lol bad word haha anyway you r bringing back memories that are actually hysterical..its almost 7 in the morning and i cant stop reading this..been up all night..I love your spins on the stories some things have slipped my mind after being away all these years but the BUZZ words bring it all back..JWs have their own language ,,Please keep writing…also i remember not saying things out loud so the devil wouldnt know and to tell spirits to leave in the name of Jehovah>>I spouted those words a few times..

  14. Oh my!! This brings back so many horrible memories. One in particular, my ex step father. He told us of a story that demons came out of a radio he had borrowed from a friend and attacked him. Of course, because of the demonic, worldly music being played. They burned the radio and he had to fight off the demons that were attacking him for a month straight. I have been out of the cult since I was 15 (I am now 29). I still have nightmares about demons and spirits attacking me periodically. In my dreams, I am screaming out for Jehovah to help me. These are the most terrifying dreams, and I usually wake up screaming and can’t sleep for months. Anyone have any suggestions on how to rid myself of this hell I am still living in??

    • I actually thought a demon was attacking me one night as I am sure I was hallucinating(the mind can conjure up crazy things when you are brainwashed and obsessed with seeing demons). My mother comes running into my room after hearing my blood curdling screams fighting away a demon with her bare hands. Scarred for life

    • Mary,

      My suggestion would be to educate yourself on other views of the spirit world from different religions. You might want to contact a psychic medium to do a cleansing of your home, just to set your mind at ease. There is an abundance of programming on TV regarding ghost stories and the like. TV programmers do not have your best interests at heart. Avoid this programming as they’re just trying to scare you. Knowledge equals power.

      JWs are just a bunch of bullies, and are obviously very gullible in that they tell their stories as though they are the absolute truth when these stories are urban legend at best and outright lies at worst.

      You might want to contact a psychic medium to do a cleansing of your home, just to set your mind at ease. It’s so difficult to get all of that programming out of your mind.

      Please write back and let me know how you’re doing. Nobody deserves to live in that kind of fear.

  15. Excuse my ignorance, but why do you call Jehovah Witness a cult? I just started studying with them and everything seems to make sense. Isn’t a cult the worship of a person, or a strange belief system? Everything you stated in the second and third paragraph is actually in the bible, it is not? Please, educate me. So if you study the bible, you’re in a cult? So every religion, is a cult? Thanks for any info you can provide!


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