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Armageddon – From a book for children

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a fearful people.  They fear the demons.  They fear what will happen to them if they ever leave the cult.  They fear displeasing Jehovah or, more importantly, the elders.  They fear disfellowshipping.  And they fear Armageddon.

Armageddon, as defined by JW theology, is God’s day of wrath when he sends his son, Jesus Christ, to destroy the present system of things and all of the wicked people in it.  As seen in the above illustration taken from Learn From the Great Teacher, page 243, this day will be filled with violence and death, but those who please Jehovah will be kept safe – maybe.

When I was a JW I used to wince at these lurid pictures and wonder how a loving God could inflict such terror and pain on his human children.  JWs don’t believe in hellfire; they say a God of love would not torment humans for eternity.  I preferred to picture it as more of an instant death for everyone, all at the same time.  No need to terrorize them (really, that’s more serial killer-ish, don’t you think?).

However, in Watchtower publications every illustration of Armageddon involves huge fireballs falling from the sky, crumbling skyscrapers, people screaming in terror and running for their lives.  Some of the drawings depict smiling JWs walking away from the burning piles of flesh and concrete, faces raised and arms extended in praise to their God.  What a wonderful…..

Wait a ding-danged minute here!  These smiling people have just witnessed their God killing millions of children, along with adults (including some of their own relatives), because they were deemed to be wicked.  What was the criterion on which this verdict was reached?  Whether they had accepted or rejected the message of JWs. How can you smile about that?

Actually, JWs are keenly anticipating the day that you die a horrible death at the hands of a wrathful God. That is the teaching of Armageddon in a nutshell.

Oh, but wait, there’s more.  After Armageddon there will be billions of dead bodies lying around which will be eaten by vultures and their ilk.  Lovely thought, that.  As times goes on, squads will be dispatched to bury the bones. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the survivors will have to clean up the mess that God made.  Mind you, those fireballs have probably damaged the infrastructure, and the highways will be clogged with abandoned cars, and are there working toilets?  And think about this – since all industry has come to an abrupt halt, how will the survivors power the necessary tools, like bulldozers and jackhammers?  Is there any chocolate?  Really, the issues they will face are very serious.

Ask an active JW about this and they will tell you, “Jehovah will see to it that we have everything we need.”  In fact, their focus is on the paradise to come, not practical matters. 

To add insult to injury, they may even have picked your house as one they want to own after you’re dead.


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  1. The JW ‘Warning Message’.
    They are NOT benign,really I wish they were as I have a big family that is still in the cult.
    How and why Jehovah Witnesses perform like a terrorist group.
    As an impressionable child I was phobic indoctrinated with doomsday preparations about the Watchtowers coming ‘warning work’.

    That we would some day ‘soon’ be required by Jehovah our God to go door to door and declare to every home with a judgemental proclamation,’that every man,woman,child is about to die horribly’ and the only salvation is the JW who are no longer allowing anyone into their ‘ark of salvation’.
    This very inflammatory hate message would incite jealous non believers to ‘attack God’s anointed’ and provoke his wrath to bring about Armageddon with only JW who were obedient and trusting in Jehovah permitted to survive.

    Tell the truth don’t be afraid-Danny Haszard FMI dannyhaszard(dot)com

  2. They could give the terrorists some lessons, alright. Don’t think I’ve ever read about a more hateful, destructive, intimidating, unfriendly “religion”, than this one.

    P.S. there’d better be chocolate in the afterlife!

  3. I remember when I used to be a JW that I was creeped out by fellow witnesses as they laughed and spoke of the day that Armageddon would kill every non JW and that birds would eat the dead bodies. There seemed to be this anticipation and obvious glee in their eyes as they spoke of looking forward to this huge massacre of people but whatever happened to the “do not rejoice over calamity” scripture? I guess this is an exception…..Others in field service would discuss amongst themselves which houses they would like to own after Armageddon. These comments were very disturbing to me and increased the nagging doubts I had about the organization in general.

  4. I do not call myself a JW, but have studied with them in the past. The people I studied with did not relish the thought of people dying and “being eaten by vultures?” Whatever God has in store is what his will is. Whatever that is. If you believe in the bible, then you know that he did send a flood in Noah’s day. I don’t think the people inside the Ark were jumping for joy at the loss of life, but it did happen. We can’t judge what God plans to do. We are to lift each other up and teach about Gods love, not that people will die a horrible death if they don’t become a JW. I don’t believe that is their message either.
    If you want to pick on someone, go look and see what Catholocism teaches. That will horrify anyone willing to really see what they teach. Pergatory, infant baptism are all made up stories that have no bible base, among other things.


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